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The Joker Batman Arkham Origins Trench coat is inspired from the trench coat that joker wears in the adventure - action video game ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ which is the third main installment in the Batman: Arkham series. This trench coat is one of a kind and it gained popularity amongst all Batman: Arkham Origins fans and the video game itself also became extremely popular after it’s much awaited release in 2013 by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment for Microsoft Windows and the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 as well as the Wii U video game consoles.

Coming back to this super cool joker trench coat, which has been exclusively designed inspired by the trench coat that Joker is seen wearing; it is tailored and detailed to perfection guaranteed to give anyone who wears it an edgy and sleek look. This exclusively designed trench coat comes in two color options; a statement black color and a very edgy yet subtle purple – the shade of which is similar to the trench coat joker is seen wearing. It also has two options for the choice of fabric; genuine leather and faux leather. The leather used to tailor this exclusive trench coat is guaranteed top notch quality leather; we do not prefer to compromise on quality. Furthermore it is available in all sizes from extra small to 3 XL and it can also be made to order; you may get it customized as per your required measurements, however the customization of size will have extra charges.


Moving on to the design of this unique and stylish trench coat, note that it has a very simple and clean design, however it has been detailed to perfection ensuring that the trench coat has a neat finishing to it. This knee length joker inspired trench coat comes with a silk lining stitched inside and it has a straight fitting; the fitting of the trench coat is not too tight or too loose – just about right fit. It comes with a rather larger and high lapel collar with pointy edges along with a buttoned front closure; there are three medium sized purple buttons made with the same material with which the trench coat is made. Apart from that the trench coat also comes with a leather belt attached with trench coat, around the waist; the leather belt is also made with the same colored leather and is a knot-tying style belt. It has full sleeves with a rather straight fit and a cuff patch on the edge of the sleeve which has a silver metal button attached to it giving a little edge to the sleeves. The back of the trench coat has a design detailing below the shoulder and near the chest and the design is made with a stitching pattern using the same color materials; the design pattern is a straight stitched line with a downward facing arrow in the middle. From the middle of the arrow follows a straight line, in the same design, which reaches down to the edge of the coat where there is an open slit.

This seamless design and tailoring of this exclusive, edgy, simple and stylish leather trench coat makes it a unique addition to your wardrobe and it is a definite must have.